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AURA Perimeter Seal AAS7502

AURA Perimeter Seal AAS7502
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AURA Perimeter Seal AAS7502
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  • Model: AURA Perimeter Seal AAS7502
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A slimline perimeter seal featuring sweeping curves. Proven performance for acoustic and smoke containment when installed around the head and jambs of doors. The decorative cover strip completely conceals fixings and is available in a range of finishes.


Head and jambs of single swing door


Standard Lengths




Silver anodised aluminium with Silver silicone gasket

Bronze anodised aluminium with Black silicone gasket

Decorative finishes available. Please enquire



BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010

Weighted Sound

Reduction Index

31 dB

(AAS7502 & AAS8501 on a

standard architectural door)

Smoke Leakage

BS EN 1634-3: 2004

BS 476: Pt.31.1: 1983




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