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NORSEAL Corner Seal

NORSEAL Corner Seal
NORSEAL Corner Seal
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Primarily designed for upgrading existing fire resistant doors to provide additional protection against smoke up to 200˚C.  Can be fitted with minimal disruption to the door assembly.  The corner seal is also a highly effective acoustic seal when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995.
Size: 12mm x 12mm x 2.1m
Stock Colours: Black, White or Dark Brown
Key Benefits:
Curved fin shape minimises open/closing resistance
Flexible elastomeric fins ensure the original shape is maintained, providing ongoing performance and durability in service
Symmetrical design ensures fins are always in contact with two surfaces of door leaf, creating an air chamber to provide excellent acoustic performance
Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995
Effective smoke seal up to 200°C
Self-adhesive backing for extremely fast and easy installation.

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