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LAS9050 and LAS9070 - finger guard

LAS9050 and LAS9070 - finger guard
LAS9050 and LAS9070 - finger guard
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Trapping fingers in hinged doors can cause horrendous injuries. The risk is especially high in locations where young children are present.
The finger guard seals provide the shield. Protect both sides of the door by using the LAS9050 on the hinge knuckle side and the LAS9070 on the hinge cavity side.
LAS9070 includes a unique, integral smoke and acoustic seal.
It can be used in conjunction with the LAS7025 acoustic & smoke seal around the remainder of the door perimeter for a comprehensive sealing and finger protection system.
Tested over 200,000 opening and closing cycles without any sign of degradation.
Jambs of hinged doors. IS9070 can be used on doors with an opening of 180°.

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