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  Specification: Pozi Drive Screws WeldCap Secure Fix System BS EN 1634-1:2000 Fire Tested FD60 Timber FD240 Steel BS EN 1935:2002 Performance Tested Certifire CF336    ..
£8.95 Inc Tax £10.74
Firemaster fire & smoke resistant letterplate
  Firemaster fire & smoke resistant letterplate   his new letterplate assembly has been tested in accordance with the principles of BS 476 Pt 20/22 and has been shown to provide in excess of 30 minutes fire resistance.    Telescopic intumescent liner, making it suitable for different thicknesses of door.   Robust aluminium construction. ..
£39.99 Inc Tax £47.99
 LAS 9090 Safehinge™ - integrated finger protection for 44MM thick doors
  LAS9090 Safehinge™ - integrated finger protection for 44MM thick doors 2100MM long SAA FINISH 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors every year in the UK, and 1,500 of these will require surgery (Source: ROSPA).   The LAS9090 Safehinge™ is a first-fit, integrated finger protection system utilising a specialist pivot set, which integrates a c..
£141.98 Inc Tax £170.38
 letterplate security cowl
Broadwalk’s security cowl has been specifically designed to benefit letterbox security by:   • Obstructing views from the outside • Preventing manipulation of locks and bolts • Inhibiting any attacks through the letterbox flaps   The security cowl is 13” (340mm) long,  This cowl has been designed with easy installation in mind and can be fitted in minutes...
£29.80 Inc Tax £35.76
Door viewer
  Door viewer   Wide angle viewer   A one-way viewer which allows occupants to see and identify callers. The viewer is supplied with an integral intumescent liner.   Tests have shown the viewer can be fitted to 30 minute fire resistant doors without compromising fire safety.   The Lorient viewer:   allows callers to be se..
£24.30 Inc Tax £29.16
Door edge protector for 44mm FD30 door
  Door edge protector   some doors suffer severe damage to the leading edge due to the heavy volume of pedestrian and wheeled traffic.   New test evidence means that Lorient’s edge protector now incorporates the innovative DS seal; together they offer superior combined protection against damage, fire, smoke, acoustics and germs.   Lorient DS door ..
£110.72 Inc Tax £132.86